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My thoughts about the colour ORANGE.    A sweet, juicy orange. The colour of the sunset as the sun hits the water. The luscious fruit on a tall palm. The sap oozing out of the bark of a tree. Fungus … Continue reading

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Monthly Challenge

I have just been thinking about how we so often don’t do a lot of the things we would like to do, e.g. getting around to reading a particular book, seeing a particular movie and so on as we are … Continue reading

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My thoughts about RED, one of my favourite colours. I see red. The colour of blood, which carries our life-force around our bodies. The colour of passion. The colour of anger. A long-stemmed rose, preferably a bunch! Red is forthright. … Continue reading

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What Does 2014 Have in Store for You?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It’s now 2014 and no doubt many people have made resolutions that they may or may not keep for the year. I haven’t actually made any. Sometimes I think it is too easy to get caught up … Continue reading

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5 Ways of Practicing Meditation

Many religions use meditation as a tool to access the inner self and go to a still place where insights can be gained or a sense of innate ‘knowing’ can be reached, peace can be found, or our bodies can … Continue reading

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10 Beautiful Photos

In trying to tell someone the ways in which they can improve their day, we could suggest things like: Don’t watch the news, turn off the TV, don’t stress, don’t load up on carbs…. But these are all negatives. Much … Continue reading

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Ways of Communicating…. My 5 for Today

Why do we have an intrinsic urge to communicate with each other? YOU↔ME It can give us a sense of belonging and allows us to find others with something in common (or not). Sharing of our lives, thoughts and so … Continue reading

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