Monthly Challenge

I have just been thinking about how we so often don’t do a lot of the things we would like to do, e.g. getting around to reading a particular book, seeing a particular movie and so on as we are either too busy or too disorganised.

Maybe a list is a good way to start. (Should have done this for New Year’s!)

Do up a list of the following – your list can have as many or as few headings as you want, and as many or as few items under each heading as you want, this is just an example:

  • Books you have wanted to read
  • Films you have wanted to see
  • People you have wanted to contact
  • Places you wanted to visit
  • Classes you have wanted to take
  • Things you have wanted to buy
  • Anything else you can think of you would have liked to do

Now, at the beginning of each month, go through your list, and pick out 1 item from each section. Endeavour each month to fulfil the activity. For example, if you have never seen Eat, Pray, Love, borrow or buy it and watch. If you have never read Wuthering Heights but would love to, once again, borrow or buy it and read. It doesn’t matter what the items are, big or small, just endeavour to complete them by the end of the month. Enrol in something. Visit a friend you haven’t seen for a while. For things you may have wished to purchase, put away a small sum towards buying the item, so by the end of the month, or by the end of the year for big things, you will have saved enough.

You get the idea!

Try it and have fun! You may be glad you caught up on all those ‘I wish I had…..’ moments, rather than procrastinating and using the excuse you don’t have time!

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My thoughts about RED, one of my favourite colours.


I see red.

The colour of blood, which carries our life-force around our bodies.

The colour of passion.

The colour of anger.

A long-stemmed rose, preferably a bunch!

Red is forthright. Red is vibrant. Red makes a statement.

The colour of burning embers.

Post boxes, telephone boxes, fire emergency boxes.

Red lipstick on full lips.

A rich, ripe tomato.

The richest, deepest part of a sunset.

A blood-red moon.

The colour representing our base chakra.

Wear red for energy.

Spotted toadstools, spotted ladybirds.

Red-bellied black snake, red-back spider.


The movies ‘Red’ and ‘Red Dog’.

Red letter day.

Red Cross.

Red hot chilli pepper.

Holly berries.

Father Christmas, Santa Claus.

A clown’s nose.

Red. Red. Red.


What does ‘red’ make you think of?

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Thought for the Day


Share with another any miracle you know of. It may make their day.

– Penny Houghton

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Clouds – a Poem

DSC_0229 (2)DSC_0711


Clouds –

A sea of white suspended,

God’s pillow.

A haven for snowflakes and raindrops,

Rolling and floating, looking down.

Oh, to be up there with them

Pondering the world.

An ocean of silence,

Waiting to be torn asunder

By storm and tempest.

God’s canvas the sky –

Waiting to be painted

By the sun reflecting,

Creating change.

Cotton wool companions in heaven.


– Penny Houghton


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Beach Celebrations

Every Wednesday evening at Mooloolaba beach in Queensland Australia, a gathering takes place. People of all ages and walks of life get together to do drumming and fire twirling.

Dragon fireDSC_0184edit

        Can you see the dragon in the flames?             Fire twirlers with the moon on the water.

Lex and I happened to be down there last week, so went to check it out. It was simply wonderful! Up on the ‘Loo with a View’ platform, a group of at least 20 were gathered in a circle, each with their own version of a drum, some small, some huge. The ages ranged from I would say in the 80’s down to toddlers with their families, all happily drumming together. DSC_0242 edit

The ‘ringleader’, in the centre of the circle, kept the beat going, moving around the circle, smiling and encouraging everyone to join in. This would have to have gone on for at least an hour while we were there, and it was STILL going after we moved on.

Down on the beach in front of the platform, another group of maybe 8 people (along with friends observing) were lighting batons, pois and hoops with torches, then proceeding to twirl them in the most magnificent patterns. There was also a hoop and a pair of pois with neon strobing lights inside them, which also made wonderful effects. The atmosphere was electric, with many locals and holiday makers alike observing both performances (not that they were really performances, just groups of people getting together to have fun).


Neon hoop making a ‘slinkie’ effect.                     Throwing flames from the torches.

DSC_0136 editIt was the night of the full moon, which was shining on the ocean while all this was taking place, making a most magical night.

What struck me, though, was the way in which the community came together, forgetting their differences and their worries, to join together in harmony and enjoyment, which they willingly shared with everyone else who came along to watch, listen, or just pass by.

There should be more celebrations of life like this! Simple, inclusive, no cost involved (except of course for those who own the drums and fire twirlers!) – a sharing, inclusive event, that specifies no age limit, no belief system, no class distinction – open to all who wish to join in.

Lex took a lot of photos that night, but I have only put up a few. I hope you like them. He didn’t have a tripod with him, as we didn’t know we were going to encounter this, so considering that, they have come out quite well with a little time lapse.


Encased in flames – hula hoop of torches.         Hoop creating net, and twirling batons.

I would love for there to be more events like this in my community – please share if you have events you love in your own community!

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (and all of us)

I recently went to see the movie ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ starring Ben Stiller. It was humorous, touching and had meaning for anyone wondering what they are doing with their life. I quite enjoyed the movie, and found that it had a number of messages about living your life.

You can check out the trailer here:

Walter has a habit of ‘zoning out’ and imagining himself in all sorts of scenarios (where he is often the hero) which take him away from his mundane life. By a sudden turn of events relating to his job, he then takes the bull by the horns and goes out and actually experiences some amazing things (I won’t go into details here, in case you haven’t seen it, and I don’t want to spoil it).

No doubt, we all have those times where we dream of something different, or more profound for ourselves. What struck me in recognising this, is that we have choices. We can either ignore those dreams, and do nothing, continuing on in our mundane lives, or we can do as Walter did, and jump right in, regardless of the consequences. He took a chance, not really thinking about the end result, and even though it didn’t turn out quite the way he expected, it still turned out for the better – I think because he was following his heart, and maintaining focus, not only on his goal, but on a person who meant a lot to him, and this kept him going.

The surprising thing was though, and some may relate to this who have read ‘The Alchemist’ by Paul Coelho, the answer was back home all the time, he just didn’t know where to look. How many of us do that? Think we can’t find an answer to something, and look everywhere else, but at our own doorstep, or in our own selves for answers, or with the people closest to us.

So the messages from the movie are:

  • Daydreams can take us out of our mundane existence, but sometimes when we daydream, we miss what is actually under our noses
  • Act on your dreams and make them reality
  • Experience all life has to offer
  • Trust that if you follow your heart, everything will fall into place
  • Never give up, and keep in your thoughts those that give you inspiration
  • Know that the answers to your questions are more often than not, right with you, wherever you are, but you may need to journey before you come to that realisation
  • Life is circular – it has to return to the starting point to finish its quest

You may like to read ‘The Alchemist’ too. Check out reviews here:

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First Benchmark!


I am very happy and excited to say that my blog has just now reached 1000 views since I started it in October. A very big thank you to all those who have visited, liked, followed, commented and shared so far. I hope that my community will continue to grow – there are so many interesting and inspiring blogs out there, it is hard to keep up and find time to visit them all!

I really appreciate comments and feedback, as after all, in order to keep posting items of interest, I need to know what people would like to read or see. My aim is to hopefully inspire others to explore their inner nature and spread the light a little further over the world. There is too much negativity all the time, so it’s good to aim for positive thoughts and actions.

Looking forward to more exchanges!

In Love and Light,


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Thought for the Day


Harmonise your vibration with a stranger and discover how connected you are.

– Penny Houghton

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What Does 2014 Have in Store for You?


It’s now 2014 and no doubt many people have made resolutions that they may or may not keep for the year. I haven’t actually made any. Sometimes I think it is too easy to get caught up in unrealistic goals that are too hard to achieve, and this just brings angst and guilt because you haven’t done what you set out to do.

I prefer to keep my goals simple and manageable if possible. I would prefer to set myself things to do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, that improve the quality of my life and those around me if I can. I guess if I had one resolution as such, it would be to make life more fulfilling this year, and the world around me a better place.

These are some of the steps I could take (and you could try too) to bring this about:

  • Declutter Yes, this is a big thing at the moment everywhere you look, but it does have merit. The more clutter we have around us, the harder it is to maintain focus, relax and enjoy what is more important. Who wants to spend all their time cleaning, tidying and wasting time trying to find things? Of course, this is also a reflection of the inner turmoil that goes on inside us, our minds get cluttered too with too much input from social media, TV, radio, emails, etc. etc. Time to chill out! Get rid of what’s no longer needed, pass things on to those who can use them, or throw them out. Keep it simple, physically and mentally.

Here is a good quote from Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now: “The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space.”

Please take a look also at this website:

365 less things is about decluttering your home, 1 item, 1 day at a time. You can receive emails with suggestions for the coming week, by subscribing to the site.

  • Stay healthy – good food and exercise If we want to better ourselves spiritually, mentally and emotionally, then it is also important to make sure we look after ourselves physically too. Eat good health-giving food – as many vegetables and fruits as possible, a small amount of carbs, and some protein and a little good fat (e.g. olive oil). Cut out the refined foods, additives, chemicals, colourings and keep food as natural as possible. Your health will benefit. A multi-vitamin can be good, as too much of our food these days, unless you grow it yourself, or buy fresh locally from an organic grower, is lacking in nutrients. The soil has been depleted, the excess handling and time taken to get it to the stores, before it ever gets to your plate, means the food has often lost its value well before you get around to eating it. Drink plenty of filtered water to hydrate your cells and keep your brain working as well as flushing out your system. I could go on, but you get the idea! Some people spend more time making sure their cars run smoothly, than they do their bodies! Exercise is very important! Don’t be a couch potato! If you haven’t exercised in a while, start off slowly and gently, working up to a pace that suits you. Exercise keeps everything moving, stimulates the circulation and the brain cells, and helps you keep the weight down to boot! Get some in at least 3 times a week, and do more incidental exercise too.
  • Spend time in nature Look at the natural beauty around you. Who wouldn’t want to spend time in nature in some fashion? Go to a park and kick a football, hike through a forest, watch a sunset, stroll along the water’s edge, spend time tending your garden (both inner and outer!), bring flowers into the house, make an altar on which you place elements representing the season, grow your herbs in pots.
  • Laugh a lot Spending time with family and friends is important too, but make sure some of that time is spent sharing in a joke, a funny movie, a comedy show, remembering good times – just don’t laugh at the expense of another.
  • Know that you are loved No matter who you are, there is someone out there who loves you, be it a family member, a friend, lover, work colleague, church minister, charity worker, God/Goddess/Great Spirit….. but most of all, LOVE YOURSELF!! Love others too.
  • Read a good book/watch a great movie We do need to spend time away from the things that stress us, and allow our minds to switch off sometimes. Getting absorbed in a good book, or watching a movie (it doesn’t matter if they are dramas, comedies, love stories, or even personal development), can let us fantasise for a while, enter a different reality, see something from another’s perspective.
  • Don’t stress The biggie! Remember that the past is gone, and the future has not come yet, so don’t stress over what has been or what MAY come. Focus on the present moment as much as possible, and do the best you can in that moment. That is all you can do!

There are of course, many other things I could include here, but I don’t want this to turn into a huge tome. I’m sure you can think of other things, or different things to add to your own list.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season, and that you all have a fabulous 2014. May all your wishes be fulfilled!


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Thought for the Day


Believe! Believe! Believe! Say it to yourself every day.

– Penny Houghton

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