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My thoughts about the colour ORANGE.    A sweet, juicy orange. The colour of the sunset as the sun hits the water. The luscious fruit on a tall palm. The sap oozing out of the bark of a tree. Fungus … Continue reading

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Beach Celebrations

Every Wednesday evening at Mooloolaba beach in Queensland Australia, a gathering takes place. People of all ages and walks of life get together to do drumming and fire twirling.         Can you see the dragon in the flames?             Fire twirlers … Continue reading

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Honouring Mother Nature

Humanity seems to be losing touch with Nature and all it provides. How much do we really know about the world of nature around us, especially those of us who lead a ‘western’ lifestyle? A lot of native cultures seem … Continue reading

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Finding the Inspiration to Create a Beautiful Life

A few blogs I read today have a common thread – creativity and inspiration. It seems a lot of people out there lately are realising there is more to life than the left brain, analytical way of looking at things. … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

The world is your palette – paint it with the brightest colours! – Penny Houghton

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Time – How Important is it to You?

A friend pointed out something about the way we utilise our time. He said that if you use the excuse that you don’t have time to do something, it means that thing is not very important to you. This is … Continue reading

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10 Beautiful Photos

In trying to tell someone the ways in which they can improve their day, we could suggest things like: Don’t watch the news, turn off the TV, don’t stress, don’t load up on carbs…. But these are all negatives. Much … Continue reading

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Ways of Communicating…. My 5 for Today

Why do we have an intrinsic urge to communicate with each other? YOU↔ME It can give us a sense of belonging and allows us to find others with something in common (or not). Sharing of our lives, thoughts and so … Continue reading

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Lashing out!

I am not so proud of myself at the moment. I just made a phone call to query some excess charges on a toll road account, only to be told I could not be given the information, as I am … Continue reading

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