Animal Behaviour

By Denver Design

It is often said that when a person behaves badly or aggressively they are behaving like an animal. I don’t think this is at all fair to the animals! Yes, animals MAY act that way, but usually through instinct and a need for survival. We humans can also act from instinct and the survival mode when faced with a fear of some kind, but we too often act in a way we know is wrong which has nothing to do with survival or instinct, but more often greed.

I was feeling a bit grumpy this morning, and a friend happened to share the following link on her facebook page and it brightened me up no end. It made me laugh and laugh, but then at the end it also got me thinking.

Please take a look at the link and watch the video before reading any further.

Cats Stealing Dog Beds:

From the youtube video clip on Paw Bonito, originally from Huffington Post (Huffpost Comedy)

Now that you have checked out the video what did you think?

I am a dog lover, and I thought it was hilarious. When I thought about the whole thing further, I thought it is really no different to us (at least in the first part of the video). We can often feel threatened by someone taking something we consider ‘ours’, and want to get it back, no matter what it takes. This can be property, possessions, land, food, or even just a sense of our own space.

What particularly touched me about this video is that by the end of it, the animals were SHARING the bed more often than not. The dogs (read humans) had found a way around the problem and decided that, what the heck, I may as well get on there with the cat and share, then we are all happy! Why don’t we as humans see this as a solution more often to our problems? If we constantly see what we have as OURS and not THEIRS, we maintain separation, frustration and prejudice, especially against those who may really need (or at least to share) what we have in order to survive themselves. Does a little sharing hurt?

Of course I am not condoning that you just let people come and take what they want without a challenge – this is not right either, we don’t have the right to take from others whenever we feel like it. This is usually greed on someone’s part. It was interesting that looking at this video, the dogs were often way bigger than the cats, and yet still felt threatened or usurped by the cat’s behaviour. But once they kept assessing the situation, they were able to arrive at a good outcome for all. My point is that rather than getting upset at others challenging us for what we believe we own, maybe we can look at it differently and think of a way that helps them as well.

Some of the cats ended up getting off the beds (persistence of the dog for what it felt was ‘right’), but finally, the cats and dogs actually ended up in a number of cases, licking each other (kindness), cuddling (love), sharing and being quite content. What more could we ask as humans?

About Penny Houghton

I have been on my journey of self-discovery for many years, having had a particular interest in meditation and toning in the past. I am still seeking the Truth, and have given lectures on many topics, including healing through sound, animal afterlife, humans connecting and transforming, and living in the now. Currently I run a discussion group, and am considering running workshops. I am eager to share what I have learned along the way with others, and also to learn in return!
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