Victim consciousness

I have known a lot of people who are victims. “Victims of what?” you might ask. Victims of themselves and their way of thinking. They cry “Poor me!” and love to tell of their woes and how their partner/boss/parent/society did this to them (something bad). This can of course be what the person wants – they enjoy the attention they get when asking for sympathy, so it suits them to stay in that victim consciousness. I am sure you all know someone like that, and of course, we have all probably been through that stage at some point in our own life.

We too often fail to see that the patterns that keep repeating in our lives are of our own making. It is all too easy to lay blame at another’s feet, but sooner or later the question needs to be asked as to why we keep attracting more of the same into our lives. We come into this life to learn particular lessons – with a life plan, if you like.

When things start to go wrong, you can observe what happened, recognise that a change needs to take place, and learn from it. Or, you can choose to ignore the messages, and just keep on your merry way, repeating the same mistakes and NEVER learning the lesson. What do you think will happen then? The universe will keep throwing it back in your face, as often as it takes, until you wake up and discover the pattern. (Been there, done that!)

Every time you go over the same old thoughts, the same old actions, you are in fact (this is proven scientifically) strengthening the neural pathways that relate to that thought and action, you make it more and more difficult to actually behave and think in a different way, simply attracting more of the same into your life. The way to overcome this mental patterning (making you keep being the victim) is to begin by changing your thoughts. Start with a little each day, a positive thought or action, an affirmation that aligns with how you would LIKE to be. If you think about what you want to eliminate from your life, you will only really be focussing still on the negative aspect you DON’T want, so you need to picture the new ideal you, or situation, relationship, job etc. as this is what you DO want.

If you can see others as a reflection of something inside yourself that needs addressing, you will see that the way to change your world, is to start with YOU!

If you haven’t already seen the movie “What the Bleep do We Know? then take a look at the link below. This movie talks about the concept of neural pathways and lots more to do with consciousness.

what the bleep

About Penny Houghton

I have been on my journey of self-discovery for many years, having had a particular interest in meditation and toning in the past. I am still seeking the Truth, and have given lectures on many topics, including healing through sound, animal afterlife, humans connecting and transforming, and living in the now. Currently I run a discussion group, and am considering running workshops. I am eager to share what I have learned along the way with others, and also to learn in return!
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